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Anwyl "Postmortem Rehearsal" CS /// PA-1005


Image of Anwyl "Postmortem Rehearsal" CS /// PA-1005

Anwyl - the now defunct blackened death metal band hailing from various regions of the vast state of Kansas - Hutchinson, Wichita, Independence... This tape was recorded in 2001, rehearsal sessions before the "Postmortem Apocalypse" LP was recorded and released on Drakkar Productions. All songs were featured on the aforementioned LP, as well as one song from the "Bloody Mary" EP. The sound is raw but not over the top, good quality and a proper representation of what would become the live sound of the band at the time. A multitrack recording of the then newly trimmed down trio in their natural habitat....drunk as fuck! The CS is completely hand-printed @ PA headquarters, 3-panel J-card and black labels. More coming from Anwyl / related projects this year!